Red Mala
With Real Turquoise Beads

Wow, so pretty it immediately became my favourite jewellery. It looks dreamy with a black dress and really shows its advantage. Lovingly made, a beautiful eyecatcher.



Made with real Turquoise
We only use natural stones (0.4 in), not synthetic imitations. That’s why the texture of the beads might vary a bit from the picture. Turquoise supports emotional healing, reduces stress, and turns the attention to your heart. It encourages you to let go of regrets and to accept yourself entirely.

Traditionally made with 108 beads
According to buddhist and hindu tradition, the mala is made of 108 beads – not counting the adornment beads – since in these tradition the number 108 is sacred. The circumference of the mala is 29 inches, so it fits over almost any head.

Beautiful accessory
You can wear this lovely mala as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. Worn as jewellery, your prayer beads remind you to be mindful and present.


How to use your mala:

Use your mala to deepen your meditation practice. The prayer beads function as a counter for your mantra or your breath. With each bead you recite your mantra once or take one breath. Focussing on this will help you keep your monkey thoughts in check.

Do not count the adornment beads. As the name says, they are simply there as ornament, but are not part of the 108 repetitions. Please also note, that you do not cross the middle bead that holds the tassel. When you are done with one circulation, change directions.


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