Beauty is more than an “immaculate” exterior – which does not exist anyway, and isn’t even that desirable if you ask us. Beauty is mainly an inside job. Or for the mathematicians amongst you, let us put it this way: inner beauty = outer beauty.

A person that is at ease with themselves will radiate that peace. A person that focusses on the good things in life instead of letting outside events bring them down will bring happiness to their surroundings. A person who loves life, glows. A person who is kind to others, and won’t let hatred into their hearts, will attract people with their positive vibe. In other words: A person who cultivates inner beauty will bring more beauty to the world.

So, how do you nurse you innermost parts? Exactly, by meditating! And since meditating is more fun and way easier with a beautiful mala in you hand, we designed some special ones for you.